Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day Flowers

For mother's day, my kids woke me up with two dozen roses :) and a sweet card, they fed me donuts, and gave me flower pens they had both made at school :). They were sweet and the morning was nice :). Dh made me fry bread tacos for dinner and cleaned the house :). It was a lazy family day that we enjoyed together.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Bad Mommy....

So I must be a bad mommy, for mothers day, what I really want is to be left alone, totally and completley alone. Im exhausted, Im fed up, Im tired of being the mommy. The baby is ALWAYS either destroying or screaming because IM not letting her destroy. She wont nurse, she wont drink so basically all she does is eat and poop, barely even pees. She wont stop long enought do anything but cram food in so she can spit half of it out into her hands and smear it all over her hair, body, the table and what ever else she can reach.

My sweet little boy has decided to threaten and hit people, mainly his big sis, who is a big bully to him most of the time these days anyway. He tells me no, he screams at me, where this came from Ive no idea, he use to be my sweet perfect child.

Ana, well she is Ana, if you knew her no other explanation would be necessary. She has tried me since she was 3 days old non-stop. You'd think Id of been prepared for a second girl after her. But no, the baby, she is whiney and destructive.

Today at walmart I seriously considered running down the isle and ditching them in hopes someone else would take them home, or putting them in a cardboard box out front with a sign that said free puppies, please take one!!

Its a good thing I love them and that tomorrow is a different day or I might run away.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Playin With Movie Software

THought this one turned out cute :D

Thursday, May 8, 2008

More Preparation

So in my/our ongoing quest to be ready in case the recession gets people going nuts, or some other possibility I am taking a free class in solar oven cooking tonight. Im excited about it. The LDS people around here have some awesome resources to be sure.

And I think dh and I have decided on a pair of 9 mm's and plenty of ammo. I want a cute little pink pocket hand gun too, I know its silly but I supopse Im just a tad girly sometimes :D, do girly and guns go together?

Anyhow, I guess I probably sound a little paranoid but with talk of gas reaching $8 a gallon and food going up and up and up, Im glad I have my garden. I still haven't gotten the chickens but I really think we should and the guns and solar cooking ability should help in case Im not paranoid.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

GS Trip Pics

Ana and a the leaders daughter.

Hiking, duh right ;)

Group Craft Time, you can see Ana with the brownie Euro-sac on her back

Typical Ana, always the messy one ;)

Look at my sassy girl :D. This is a group pic from her gs camping trip last this past weekend, a shame its not safe to share everyones faces.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

A mothers Love

Today my Girl Scout came home.....

On friday I checked my dd out of school early. I took her home and we gathered her things, she changed her clothes and off we went back to her school. You see, we were meeting her GS troupe there. They were headed off to camp and trying to miss rush hour traffic.

I never imagined it would be so hard to see her go, she stays days and days with her grandparents and Im always more thankful than anything for the peace and quite that follows her leaving with them than I am concerned about the leaving. But it seems sending your first born off with someone you dont trust as much as your own parents is harder. I never imagined I would fret as much as I did. I found myself unable to sleep that night, and when I did doze off I would wake up thinking of car accidents of varied sorts. I never imgained I would count the minutes until she arrived home, but that is just what I did. DH felt the same :).

She came home today, dirty and tired and telling us she felt as if she had been to Disneyland already :D. The trip went better than planned even for the leaders, they got to hike and eat smores, trade swaps and learn new skills. And while she was there, miss idenpendant woke in the night with a bad dream, wishing for her mom. :) I smile not for the bad dream that she had, but that my super confident first born still wishes for her mom. I smile because next year I get to be a coleader for her troupe, I smile because though she had a great adventure without me, next year I get to join in :D.

Today my girl scout came home....

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Pimento Jar

So while I was growing up my mother had this pimento jar, empty pimento jar mind you, that sat on our window seal above the kitchen sink. I didn't know why it was always there next to the Princess House crystal glass holding white sand from White Sands New Mexico, but there it was day in and day out, empty.... We didn't have a working dish washer when I was a child because ours had broken years before and so I often saw the pimento jar as I washed a dish or got a drink, cause God Forbid, people actually drank tap water back then. The jar was small and clear and it had a blue lid with an orange stripe....

Some things never change I guess. I have NEVER cooked anything with pimentos in it before last week, and in fact I didnt even buy the pimentos for the recipe I made, my wonderful husband did. But wouldn't yah know it, the jar he brought home was small and clear and had an, you guessed it, orange stripe. For some reason I couldn't throw it away, weird yes, nutty maybe, but none the less there it sits on the ledge above my kitchen sink....

Today, we used it as a jar for cleaning paint brushes, later who knows, but I think Ill just keep it a while cause I seem to want it for some reason....