Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Why Not Wednesday

Why not help me create an urban legend and see how far and how long we can circulate it around the internet :D. Something harmless and fun but catchy... Where to start...

Sunday, October 26, 2008

He gave her a Kidney...

Its what she loved, medicine. So why not a kidney I say.

What do you love or maybe what does your man know you love, what might he give you that says he loves you, he is sorry, other than boring old flowers. Im not a flower girl. Maybe my man might come home and tell me I could sleep in tomorrow and then go out and shop to my hearts content all day long, Man Im shallow, LOL...

Friday, October 24, 2008

A Yummy Recipe I made up

So I had some left over sushi rice, I wanted a sushi flavor or rather California Roll since I rarely eat the raw kind of sushi, though I do like the raw tuna... Anyhow I had a bowl of left over sushi rice and so I combined in a bowl

1 C of warmed sushi rice
2 cut up sticks of imitation crab
shredded pepper jack cheese to taste
1 oz. cubed cream cheese

Stir together, heat till cheese and cream cheese are melty, stir again and eat, talk about YUMMY!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Matching Cupcake Purses for my girls


I am so excited, I just purchased my girls matching cupcake purses!! Aren't they too cute!! I can't wait to give them to them on Christmas morning.

And Lex, is getting this super cute doll purse/basket/bed, I so love cute unique things!! I dont even think the doll is that cute but the basket/bed is what did me in!!

Why Not Wednesday #2

So today is one of those days, you know the ones where as soon as your eyes pop open the kids are demanding things. And as soon as the baby's feet hit the floor she is causing MASS destruction, throwing things chewing puppies, things like that.

But seriously, 5 minutes ago she was demanding to get out of her high chair, after I cleaned her up and began the tedious task of acid washing the high chair, she decided it was computer time. And whooohooo for her, mom forgot her FULL cup of coffee and a bowl of peanut butter bumpers at the computer desk....

So my day is hectic and Ive been up for less than an hour. I need to laugh, badly!

So why not tell me about a really stressful day in your life as a mother that you can laugh about now, but wasn't nearly so funny at the time, so I can laugh at your expense ;), in good fun of course, not maliciously ;).

Ill draw randomly from the stories to send a really good prize, since A.) dh started work on monday and B.) my financial aid check came last week, finally! and C.) I started Christmas shopping last friday and Im almost done already so Im really on a shopping role!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Pig Tails and Snails

Wow what a great give away, I hope I win or you do ;). What craftsmanship and design though. I wish I had the time and the inclination to do one myself

You can find info at the following addy and since I cant figure out how to make it show up as a link here I made the title of this post a clickable link to her site!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

No Snag Hair do's, Trahs ties


As Meredith would say, SERIOUSLY
These things freaking rock!!! Nothing holds my hair tightly enough, cause I have tons of really fine hair, nothing except a newspaper rubber band and who want to wear one of those. Until now, I bought these thinking Id use em for Lex but she does not have enough hair quite yet, so I tried them in my hair. OMGosh, I love them, I will NOT use rubber bands anymore, the trash ties work so well that they pull my hair if Im not careful, AND they are so easy to put in and take out!! They are a bit pricey but sooooooooo worth the cost!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Today was a good day :)

It was really and truly a good day. I got lots done, dd got noticed being good at school and had her name put in a drawing, Gage got to be the phonics teacher and enjoyed it tremendously, Lex- well Lex is Lex, she was intense, wild and into everything, the house is clean and the GS meeting went wonderful!! And best of all, I felt really really great all day, no poor me pie :D

Those of you who liked the video editing from the zoo trip, you can download a free trial here

Why Not Wednesday

So, I thought Id follow suit, seems Wednesday is THE day for a theme, all the cool kids are doin it ;)!!

And I realize its almost not Wedneday anymore, but Ive had a long wonderful day, and Im just now getting time...

So Why not Wednesday, why not tell me about your craziest dream ever!! Ill start, and its a wacked out story lemme just say...

So I was at the tail end of 6 day meth high, we were staying in a hotel, we hadn't had a place to live in a few weeks, my parents had kicked us out of their rental since we hadn't paid our rent in quite some time. We were planning to head out of town to live with dh's dad in PA-I think we were planning to clean up, but we were tweaking out at the local casino for a few days first and we had managed to win enough to fund an 8 ball, that's 1/8 of an ounce and around $250 in case you were wondering, and pay for the hotel room for the week. So like I said I was coming down off a 6 day high when I started dreaming...

A man was after me in my hotel room, he was going to kill me, I jumped up and started running and screaming as loud as I could only no one could hear me cause I was all alone in the hotel. I get to the door and I try to get out to run, but the damn door wont open, Im going to die, Im screaming and then someone is shaking me, I look up its my boyfriend (now dh) and he is saying wake up wake up your only dreaming....

Im not sure I have ever been that afraid in my life, it was so real, I was so sure I was about to die. Turns out I was so tired that I couldn't wake up but I got up in my dream and started screaming at the top of my lungs and running away from dh. He was so freaked out, he had been asleep, woke up to all this, didn't know at first what my deal was and at the same time didn't know what to do, someone might hear me and come to help, I as yelling "get away from me get away from me" and there was 3 foot bong in the drawer and other various paraphernalia, not to mention just a bit of the ball left. Thankfully, at least I thought so then, no one heard me and I went back to sleep for the next 24 hours with no more waking dreams!!

One more....

When I was pregnant with dd #1 I was newly clean of drugs, had been about 3 months since I cleaned up when I got pregnant. But we lived in a small town and a lot of people around were using, it was nerve racking. I recall one time I sat up in bed, heart pounding, I had been dreaming that Id started to get high again and that my stomach collapsed all around the baby, she couldn't breath and was stretching out through my stomach like it was some sort of ultra stretchy plastic, I could see all of her features and I could see she was in agony. If I hadn't already know it by that point, and I really I knew the minute I realized I was pregnant, I knew at that moment I would never be tempted to use again. Its been 9 years since I quit :)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Who wants to be declared a Living Goddess

Ill bet a lot of little girls would look at this pictures and think how neat it would be to dress up like this everyday, Ill bet that is what this little girl thinks right now too, but not later, poor kiddo, she is having the best years of her life stolen from her....

People have some screwed up ideas about what is ok, its as bad as the people here who make their kids living dolls!!

Hindu and Buddhist rituals herald appointment of 3-year-old living goddess in Nepal
Tuesday, October 7th, 2008 at 12:18pm
AP Photo/Binod Joshi

Hindu and Buddhist priests chanted sacred hymns and cascaded flowers and grains of rice over a 3-year-old girl who was appointed a living goddess in Nepal on Tuesday.

Wrapped in red silk and adorned with red flowers in her hair, Matani Shakya received approval from the priests and President Ram Baran Yadav in a centuries-old tradition with deep ties to Nepal's monarchy, which was abolished in May.

The new "kumari" or living goddess, was carried from her parents' home to an ancient palatial temple in the heart of the Nepali capital, Katmandu, where she will live until she reaches puberty and loses her divine status.

She will be worshipped by Hindus and Buddhists as an incarnation of the powerful Hindu deity Taleju.

A panel of judges conducted a series of ancient ceremonies to select the goddess from several 2- to 4-year-old girls who are all members of the impoverished Shakya goldsmith caste.

The judges read the candidates' horoscopes and check each one for physical imperfections. The living goddess must have perfect hair, eyes, teeth and skin with no scars, and should not be afraid of the dark.

As a final test, the living goddess must spend a night alone in a room among the heads of ritually slaughtered goats and buffaloes without showing fear.

Having passed all the tests, the child will stay in almost complete isolation at the temple, and will be allowed to return to her family only at the onset of menstruation when a new goddess will be named to replace her.

"I feel a bit sad, but since my child has become a living goddess I feel proud," said her father Pratap Man Shakya.

During her time as a goddess, she will always wear red, pin up her hair in topknots, and have a "third eye" painted on her forehead.

Devotees touch the girls' feet with their foreheads, the highest sign of respect among Hindus in Nepal. During religious festivals the goddesses are wheeled around on a chariot pulled by devotees.

Critics say the tradition violates both international and Nepalese laws on child rights. The girls often struggle to readjust to normal lives after they return home.

Nepalese folklore holds that men who marry a former kumari will die young, and so many girls remain unmarried and face a life of hardship.
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Crappy State of Mind

What an inspired title even.... Its one of those days, I think its that I cant find any time to exercise, I am grumpy and pissed off. Watch out if you speak to me today, I might bite your head off. I feel fat and ugly and zitty and frumpy and mad. I can't seem to get back on track since surgery and my crappy convenience diet, combined with no time to exercise, is making me feel physically and now mentally awful. I feel like I hate the world today, mostly cause I hate myself today. Blah, can I get a big slice of feel sorry for myself pie...

I have a GS meeting at my house tomorrow, the leader is out of town so its all me, with another mom that I actually really like. She is such a great lady, not all wrapped up in all about me like some moms are. I guess I must be feeling judgmental toady too, probably because I judging myself so harshly.

Im actually glad to do the meeting at my house its the prep I abhor.... Im just so overwhelmed but want to do things with my kiddos....

So anyway, my house is a wreck, I have tons of studying to do cause I need to be done by friday now rather than saturday like usual, you see dh's grandfather passed away sunday evening/monday morning (dh's bday btw). I need to exercise, do laundry, wash my face, brush my teeth, shower, I have not time for any of it I have to study. The baby is destroying the house, my life is crazy, it goes on and on. And guess what on the 13th, dh leaves out of town for 6 weeks, maybe able to come home from saturday evening to sunday evening, how much more out of control do you supposed things will get when I have no help? So please, can I get a giant slice of Im helpless out of control pie too,? maybe the lady from the movie Waitress will make one up for me, she made up some great pies didn't she!! Bad baby pie, I got drunk and Earl got me pregnant pie, I loved those pies!!! Wish she'd make me a few.....

I know I signed up for all this, told myself I could handle it all, but news flash, guess what, I CANT!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Love this Hat idea

How great and simple is this, a hat made for a tiny babies head with a giant brim to cover up the breast while they are eating. I HATE HATE HATE nursing cover ups. Nursing makes me sweat like crazy, and covering up FORGET IT!!! But wow, this could work!!

Why oh why didn't I haven one when Lex was smaller, she would just rip it off now and plus I dont think it would fit her anymore darn it!!

Took the Kiddies to the Zoo

It is DH's birthday today, we took the kids to the zoo with my parents to celebrate over the weekend. It was tons of fun :D. Lex just loved ALL the animals and Gage was amazed by the lion. Ana loved figuring out how to get freebees out of the animal food machines and feeding all the animals ;).