Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Why Not Wednesday

Why not help me create an urban legend and see how far and how long we can circulate it around the internet :D. Something harmless and fun but catchy... Where to start...

Sunday, October 26, 2008

He gave her a Kidney...

Its what she loved, medicine. So why not a kidney I say.

What do you love or maybe what does your man know you love, what might he give you that says he loves you, he is sorry, other than boring old flowers. Im not a flower girl. Maybe my man might come home and tell me I could sleep in tomorrow and then go out and shop to my hearts content all day long, Man Im shallow, LOL...

Friday, October 24, 2008

A Yummy Recipe I made up

So I had some left over sushi rice, I wanted a sushi flavor or rather California Roll since I rarely eat the raw kind of sushi, though I do like the raw tuna... Anyhow I had a bowl of left over sushi rice and so I combined in a bowl

1 C of warmed sushi rice
2 cut up sticks of imitation crab
shredded pepper jack cheese to taste
1 oz. cubed cream cheese

Stir together, heat till cheese and cream cheese are melty, stir again and eat, talk about YUMMY!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Matching Cupcake Purses for my girls


I am so excited, I just purchased my girls matching cupcake purses!! Aren't they too cute!! I can't wait to give them to them on Christmas morning.

And Lex, is getting this super cute doll purse/basket/bed, I so love cute unique things!! I dont even think the doll is that cute but the basket/bed is what did me in!!

Why Not Wednesday #2

So today is one of those days, you know the ones where as soon as your eyes pop open the kids are demanding things. And as soon as the baby's feet hit the floor she is causing MASS destruction, throwing things chewing puppies, things like that.

But seriously, 5 minutes ago she was demanding to get out of her high chair, after I cleaned her up and began the tedious task of acid washing the high chair, she decided it was computer time. And whooohooo for her, mom forgot her FULL cup of coffee and a bowl of peanut butter bumpers at the computer desk....

So my day is hectic and Ive been up for less than an hour. I need to laugh, badly!

So why not tell me about a really stressful day in your life as a mother that you can laugh about now, but wasn't nearly so funny at the time, so I can laugh at your expense ;), in good fun of course, not maliciously ;).

Ill draw randomly from the stories to send a really good prize, since A.) dh started work on monday and B.) my financial aid check came last week, finally! and C.) I started Christmas shopping last friday and Im almost done already so Im really on a shopping role!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Pig Tails and Snails

Wow what a great give away, I hope I win or you do ;). What craftsmanship and design though. I wish I had the time and the inclination to do one myself

You can find info at the following addy and since I cant figure out how to make it show up as a link here I made the title of this post a clickable link to her site!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

No Snag Hair do's, Trahs ties


As Meredith would say, SERIOUSLY
These things freaking rock!!! Nothing holds my hair tightly enough, cause I have tons of really fine hair, nothing except a newspaper rubber band and who want to wear one of those. Until now, I bought these thinking Id use em for Lex but she does not have enough hair quite yet, so I tried them in my hair. OMGosh, I love them, I will NOT use rubber bands anymore, the trash ties work so well that they pull my hair if Im not careful, AND they are so easy to put in and take out!! They are a bit pricey but sooooooooo worth the cost!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Today was a good day :)

It was really and truly a good day. I got lots done, dd got noticed being good at school and had her name put in a drawing, Gage got to be the phonics teacher and enjoyed it tremendously, Lex- well Lex is Lex, she was intense, wild and into everything, the house is clean and the GS meeting went wonderful!! And best of all, I felt really really great all day, no poor me pie :D

Those of you who liked the video editing from the zoo trip, you can download a free trial here

Why Not Wednesday

So, I thought Id follow suit, seems Wednesday is THE day for a theme, all the cool kids are doin it ;)!!

And I realize its almost not Wedneday anymore, but Ive had a long wonderful day, and Im just now getting time...

So Why not Wednesday, why not tell me about your craziest dream ever!! Ill start, and its a wacked out story lemme just say...

So I was at the tail end of 6 day meth high, we were staying in a hotel, we hadn't had a place to live in a few weeks, my parents had kicked us out of their rental since we hadn't paid our rent in quite some time. We were planning to head out of town to live with dh's dad in PA-I think we were planning to clean up, but we were tweaking out at the local casino for a few days first and we had managed to win enough to fund an 8 ball, that's 1/8 of an ounce and around $250 in case you were wondering, and pay for the hotel room for the week. So like I said I was coming down off a 6 day high when I started dreaming...

A man was after me in my hotel room, he was going to kill me, I jumped up and started running and screaming as loud as I could only no one could hear me cause I was all alone in the hotel. I get to the door and I try to get out to run, but the damn door wont open, Im going to die, Im screaming and then someone is shaking me, I look up its my boyfriend (now dh) and he is saying wake up wake up your only dreaming....

Im not sure I have ever been that afraid in my life, it was so real, I was so sure I was about to die. Turns out I was so tired that I couldn't wake up but I got up in my dream and started screaming at the top of my lungs and running away from dh. He was so freaked out, he had been asleep, woke up to all this, didn't know at first what my deal was and at the same time didn't know what to do, someone might hear me and come to help, I as yelling "get away from me get away from me" and there was 3 foot bong in the drawer and other various paraphernalia, not to mention just a bit of the ball left. Thankfully, at least I thought so then, no one heard me and I went back to sleep for the next 24 hours with no more waking dreams!!

One more....

When I was pregnant with dd #1 I was newly clean of drugs, had been about 3 months since I cleaned up when I got pregnant. But we lived in a small town and a lot of people around were using, it was nerve racking. I recall one time I sat up in bed, heart pounding, I had been dreaming that Id started to get high again and that my stomach collapsed all around the baby, she couldn't breath and was stretching out through my stomach like it was some sort of ultra stretchy plastic, I could see all of her features and I could see she was in agony. If I hadn't already know it by that point, and I really I knew the minute I realized I was pregnant, I knew at that moment I would never be tempted to use again. Its been 9 years since I quit :)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Who wants to be declared a Living Goddess

Ill bet a lot of little girls would look at this pictures and think how neat it would be to dress up like this everyday, Ill bet that is what this little girl thinks right now too, but not later, poor kiddo, she is having the best years of her life stolen from her....

People have some screwed up ideas about what is ok, its as bad as the people here who make their kids living dolls!!

Hindu and Buddhist rituals herald appointment of 3-year-old living goddess in Nepal
Tuesday, October 7th, 2008 at 12:18pm
AP Photo/Binod Joshi

Hindu and Buddhist priests chanted sacred hymns and cascaded flowers and grains of rice over a 3-year-old girl who was appointed a living goddess in Nepal on Tuesday.

Wrapped in red silk and adorned with red flowers in her hair, Matani Shakya received approval from the priests and President Ram Baran Yadav in a centuries-old tradition with deep ties to Nepal's monarchy, which was abolished in May.

The new "kumari" or living goddess, was carried from her parents' home to an ancient palatial temple in the heart of the Nepali capital, Katmandu, where she will live until she reaches puberty and loses her divine status.

She will be worshipped by Hindus and Buddhists as an incarnation of the powerful Hindu deity Taleju.

A panel of judges conducted a series of ancient ceremonies to select the goddess from several 2- to 4-year-old girls who are all members of the impoverished Shakya goldsmith caste.

The judges read the candidates' horoscopes and check each one for physical imperfections. The living goddess must have perfect hair, eyes, teeth and skin with no scars, and should not be afraid of the dark.

As a final test, the living goddess must spend a night alone in a room among the heads of ritually slaughtered goats and buffaloes without showing fear.

Having passed all the tests, the child will stay in almost complete isolation at the temple, and will be allowed to return to her family only at the onset of menstruation when a new goddess will be named to replace her.

"I feel a bit sad, but since my child has become a living goddess I feel proud," said her father Pratap Man Shakya.

During her time as a goddess, she will always wear red, pin up her hair in topknots, and have a "third eye" painted on her forehead.

Devotees touch the girls' feet with their foreheads, the highest sign of respect among Hindus in Nepal. During religious festivals the goddesses are wheeled around on a chariot pulled by devotees.

Critics say the tradition violates both international and Nepalese laws on child rights. The girls often struggle to readjust to normal lives after they return home.

Nepalese folklore holds that men who marry a former kumari will die young, and so many girls remain unmarried and face a life of hardship.
« Back to Headlines

Crappy State of Mind

What an inspired title even.... Its one of those days, I think its that I cant find any time to exercise, I am grumpy and pissed off. Watch out if you speak to me today, I might bite your head off. I feel fat and ugly and zitty and frumpy and mad. I can't seem to get back on track since surgery and my crappy convenience diet, combined with no time to exercise, is making me feel physically and now mentally awful. I feel like I hate the world today, mostly cause I hate myself today. Blah, can I get a big slice of feel sorry for myself pie...

I have a GS meeting at my house tomorrow, the leader is out of town so its all me, with another mom that I actually really like. She is such a great lady, not all wrapped up in all about me like some moms are. I guess I must be feeling judgmental toady too, probably because I judging myself so harshly.

Im actually glad to do the meeting at my house its the prep I abhor.... Im just so overwhelmed but want to do things with my kiddos....

So anyway, my house is a wreck, I have tons of studying to do cause I need to be done by friday now rather than saturday like usual, you see dh's grandfather passed away sunday evening/monday morning (dh's bday btw). I need to exercise, do laundry, wash my face, brush my teeth, shower, I have not time for any of it I have to study. The baby is destroying the house, my life is crazy, it goes on and on. And guess what on the 13th, dh leaves out of town for 6 weeks, maybe able to come home from saturday evening to sunday evening, how much more out of control do you supposed things will get when I have no help? So please, can I get a giant slice of Im helpless out of control pie too,? maybe the lady from the movie Waitress will make one up for me, she made up some great pies didn't she!! Bad baby pie, I got drunk and Earl got me pregnant pie, I loved those pies!!! Wish she'd make me a few.....

I know I signed up for all this, told myself I could handle it all, but news flash, guess what, I CANT!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Love this Hat idea

How great and simple is this, a hat made for a tiny babies head with a giant brim to cover up the breast while they are eating. I HATE HATE HATE nursing cover ups. Nursing makes me sweat like crazy, and covering up FORGET IT!!! But wow, this could work!!

Why oh why didn't I haven one when Lex was smaller, she would just rip it off now and plus I dont think it would fit her anymore darn it!!

Took the Kiddies to the Zoo

It is DH's birthday today, we took the kids to the zoo with my parents to celebrate over the weekend. It was tons of fun :D. Lex just loved ALL the animals and Gage was amazed by the lion. Ana loved figuring out how to get freebees out of the animal food machines and feeding all the animals ;).

Monday, September 22, 2008

More on the government

Im tellin yah, look at this, the government wants shares in the companies it helps....

Here is a line from the article

The plan also would require that the government get shares in the troubled companies helped by the rescue.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Government Conspiracy Continued.


So Ive said it before, Ill say it again, were being primed to accept the North American Union. Or whatever name they choose to couch it under later when we all beg to be bailed out of our mounting financial troubles. The panic has hit major financial players, some are folding, some are being bought out, maybe the government will own them all eventually. Bush is making some sort of plan to help as we speak, maybe its the first public step toward the union, who knows.

The panic has hit home too, my home to be exact. It certainly leaves you feeling ready to accept some sort of help from the government if its necessary. What else does a person do when home and family are increasingly being threatened.

As the situation gets worse and worse, as they keep throwing increasingly worthless money at the failing economy, they are paving the way to declare the dollar as worthless as the confederate kind once was. Paving the way for, you guess it, the Amero.

Our banks seems to be surviving this day so were pulling out what we can and requesting the rest in hopes we get it before the bank folds completely. Many others have done the same, were all making our modern day run on the bank, but it may be pointless soon. That money may have no value before long.

Seriously, the situation may not be that dire just yet. But I believe their conditioning us slowly but surely to accept that fate. And later globalization....2010 is said to be the year we accept Canada and Mexico as party of our consolidated country, that year is fast approaching.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Becoming Me, installment 2


I never have figured out just how it works, why I can just assume someone’s life and their personality as if I’ve had a lifelong symbiotic relationship with them. But they cease to exist I know, I checked once on my past self when I became someone new. She was missing, only her car was found in the parking lot where I had become this new person. I wonder, is it that their soul left before its time and I took over to fill the void, to fulfill the undone work in their lives? Is it just some fluke of nature, some birth defect I have that lets me bypass all the normal laws of universe? Do I have some special power or ability that lets me take over the lives of others? Was I predestined to this by some higher power? Or do I simply will it to happen out of desperation? I thought that was what had happened the first time, my will simply making it happen, but now I'm not so sure. Not with the dream.


Getting in the Armada it turns out, was the answer to my dreams, at least for now. I had escaped the bonds of housewifeyness and of motherhood. And although I was sorry that the children had lost their mother, I was easily just as happy that I was me; it was thrilling to be Gena. Gena had a high paying job, she was single and she was wild. Gena was beautiful and carefree and happy. Gena was me, I was Gena

It seems I was visiting my dying mother out there in the hot Sonoran desert, the last cord tethering me to the family I had never wanted anything to do with, the family that Gena had never wanted anything to do with. I was happy to be free of them all at last. The things I had endured as part of that family left me feeling so bitter that I rarely dared to let the memories creep into my conscious thoughts.

My trip back across the country gave me a lot of time to adjust to all the changes that would greet me once I made it to my apartment in New York City. While it was easy to just become someone else physically, dealing with the changes in my head took some time. I looked forward to all that this new life had to offer me, but at the same time I could not quite let go of the past. I found myself wondering if all mothers daydreamed of some other life they might have, or was it only me, the personality kleptomaniac. Did Suzy homemaker down the road entertain fantasies about being a singer in Vegas, or perhaps dream of being a high payed ad exec in a high rise building somewhere far from home. Did any of them ever think about escape to a more glamorous, less selfless life than that offered by motherhood? Was I just selfish and self serving or would they too choose a new life if they could?

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Becoming Me, 1st installment


I must have had the dream again last night, though I didn’t remember it invading my subconscious when I woke this morning, the dream is what always triggers the restlessness…

I was walking through the newly laid parking lot of the grocery store, with its dark black asphalt and bright orange lines, blinding in the morning sun. I'd been coming back from the bank, where I had just finished getting something notarized. In my boredom, I began contemplating this life of mine and the daydreams Id been having all morning about something different, something wild and exciting, something that would be a change from the housewife like state I’ve existed in for what suddenly seemed like an eternity.

When I spotted the silver Armada with the New York plates parked 2 rows down from me, it was like a doorway to my soul opened up. That’s when I knew I’d had the dream last night. I felt the urge to climb in even though my husband was waiting for me at home. I felt the urge even though I had long ago become the children’s mother in practice and most definably in my own heart. I felt the urge even though I loved the father I’d had since I became Shelly. The pull was irresistible, it always was. I lifted the handle that had grown warm to the point of blistering my hand in the blow dryer hot, desert sun, and I got in. In that instant I became someone else entirely…

Friday, August 8, 2008

So I like to Stumble Upon

I have a new favorite computer program, its called Stumble Upon, I find all kinds of really cool stuff (like the above pic) that way, you can download it here

I use it with mozilla/firefox which is also really net. It has so many fun options to play around with!!!

Here's a fun game that I "Stumbled " upon too

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Bad Mommy Forgot First Day Pics sooo......

Here is my 3rd graders second day of school :D, we were running late so no time for anything fancy, just a quick few pics!!

Here is little ornery before she woke up and became her ornery self

typical Lexie ;)

And here is Mr. Handsome, who I can NOT believe I will have to send off to kinder next year :(. I dont want him to go :(, he is so sensitive to leave alone at a big school where kids can be mean. Ana I know can take care of herself for the most part but Gage is my little sweetie pie. I wish I could keep him home with me forever I guess, but I know I cant.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


So I had surgery last Thursday, all week mostly what I was thinking was, God, just let me live, I dont want my kids to grow up without a mom, God just please let me live, and he did :D!! Thank you God!!

So it was a Robotic Removal of Left Mediastinal Mass. Or rather an attempted total removal with an actual partial removal. Seems it is/was a mass of many cysts grown together around my vocal cords. They cut the top of it off and the side wall and compressed it. Im not even sure just what compressed it means. Its funny how they wanna tell you about your surgery right when you come out of it, I dont recall half of what they told me then, though I did discuss it a bit more with everyone later and I plan to discuss it in more detail at my follow up appointment on thrusday. I found a lovely picture of what it looks like when they insert ports? for them to insert the robotic instruments inside of you. Now this picture is obviously not of me since I dont have chest hair ;)

And here is a pic of the Da Vinci Robot in Use (again on someone other than me ;))

Its funny how you go into surgery, every one is all cheery and talking to you, showin you the robot their about to use on you, you look at the lights up above and think ohh cool, they look like flowers and then no one tells yah they are gonna put you under just yet but they do and then the next thing yah know, wham your awake and in major pain and its over....

When I first woke up from surgery I was in excruciating pain, I was jabbing the button on the hydromorophone alot more often than it would actually work ;), its a good thing you have to wait between doses to let it take effect (it takes 6 excruciating minutes to help ease the pain) cause I only actually needed two doses to feel better. And lemme tell yah at 10 times stronger than morophine, I was loving that stuff :D. When it (the pain) subsided due to self medication, I thought there was no way Id get to go home the next day as previously planned, but surprisingly robotic surgery pain subsided dramatically within 6 hours or so.

Over the next day I had to have help peeing once the decathed me :), fun to pee in portable toilet with people in the room waiting to measure your output, YUCK! I was also repeatedly checked out and prodded and annoyingly I was fed food with no sugar and no salt since I was in fact in a heart hospital with all these old people who were having serious life saving operations. I asked for salt once and they laughed and said I dont even think we have salt.

Eventually on friday afternoon they took my 3 IV's out- one in each arm and one in my neck, and lemme tell yah my wrists now look like dh and I are into some pretty kinky stuff ;). They removed my pain meds because I only needed them initally when I woke up and once more after, and eventually my blood pressure cuff and my drain. Any of you ever have a drain in your chest before? When they pull it out it feels like they are pulling a metal zip tie out of your body, very interesting feeling that, Ill never forget it I dont think.

Thank goodness I didn't wake up still intubated, though today is the first day I have all my vocal range back due to my very agrivated throat from the intubation. But after all that, I got to go home less than 24 hours after the end of my surgery :D. Im feeling better every day, though I can now feel odd "numb" areas around my left breast, the puncture channels feel almost like I have small tubes of foam inside of me, slightly swollen with some give yet some resistance. Odd to say the least.

And can you believe I have 4 puncture holes in me and NO stiches, they GLUED me shut :D.

A painful, strange and educational experience that I hope never to repeat again. Though they say it could regrow since some of its still in there wrapped around my vocal cords. If they had taken it all out its possible I would have never spoken again. I was looking forward to never having to worry about this again, its been nearly 18 months since I first found out and Im tired of thinking about it, glad to have the surgery out of the way. But it looks like Ill have to keep an eye on things, make sure its not growing, and if ever I start to have breathing issues or other "symptoms" Ill have to have surgery again. Let pray that isnt the case :)

Monday, July 21, 2008

So Gage says to me.....

So Gage and I were talking just yesterday when Ana was off at her cousins house and DH was mowing the lawn and Lex was asleep. And he says to me, "Mom, when people die, they go to Kevin to live forever right?" I just grinned a really big grin and said "Yes Gage, when we die we go to Kevin to live forever" ;)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Your So Vain.....

Vanity, its a powerful emotion. I find myself on this get healthy journey to feel better of course, and to be healthier but lets get real here, more than anything I want to look and feel thin and sexy again. I want my prebaby body back (Yah Right ;)). I dont want to look like the mom of 3 even though Im proud that I am. I want men in their 20's to give me a second look when I walk by even though Im not interested.

Exercising and eating better have helped me to feel better tremendously already and Im still losing and feeling really GREAT about that but it has its downside too. Im losing my boobs and its so unfair. Before I had Ana I was just an small A cup, after I had her I was a C until I quite nursing, then I was a B, I was ecstatic with that but not with the extra weight I was carrying around. When I had Gage I was full D when the milk arrived and by the time he was all but done nursing I was once again a C. I was a C until I started losing weight this time and Im headed for a B already, Im PO'ed about it to say the least. If only I could pick and choose where the weight would stay and where it would go.

Butt another positive side.... When I wash my behind in the shower now, it feels like Im washin some other persons back side ;), that Im happy to see go.....

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Method Baby

Wow to the new method baby products!!! I think Im in LOOOOVE.

I was pleasantly surprised to find an alternative to the california baby line of baby products at Target last week. They were considerably cheaper plus they had very fun and appealing packaging that made me WANT to buy it, how can a person not want to buy a product called Squeaky Green :D, too cute. I was even happier when I got home with my treasure trove of products, the bubble bath, body and hair wash and the baby lotion. The smell is AMAZING, totally amazing, Im hooked and if you like to use green products, I highly reccomend these. The kid body wash is apple and smells great too plus its so easy for little hand to squeeze the bottle, what a great design!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Meeting Goals

So I officially met my first set of get healthy goals today :). Ever since I had Ana and my thyroid went wacky on me Ive been at the same dang weight, 168, even when I would exercise and eat healthy I had a very hard time losing anything at all, rarley I would make it to 162 but it never lasted long even after a few months of lifestyle change that was all I could manage, it was very depressing and a big motivational killer.

But it seems I found some serious motivation latley, I might go so far as to call myself a tad exercise obsesses right now, plus Ive also found some things that work really well for me :). My ultimate goal is of course to feel and look better, I dont have a specific weight I want to be, maybe a range of say 115-125 sounds about right caues Im super short. But my first set of goals were to work at making sure there were fresh fruits and veggies in every single meal and snack that I eat because the enzymes in fresh fruits and veggies help you to digest your food more fully and quickly, letting your body use its resources to keep you healthy rather than having to produce more and more enzymes for you when you eat processed/canned/frozen foods. And to cut out the cycle of protein, veggie, starch meals. The starches are hard to give up but are real healthy lifestyle destroyer for me, Ive quite making rice and potatoes as sides and Ive stuck to it, so Im really happy about that, I treated myself to chips yesterday, thought just a few :). But more important to my motivation, I have been striving to get below that 160 mark, today I stepped on the scale and it said 159.8. Its just barley below but its thrilling to see it :D. Im proud of myself and my next goal will be 149, I think Ill pair that goal with doing situps at least 4 days a week, I HATE situps so much but Ill do it, I have to.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Its My Party and Ill Cry if I Want to

Its My Party and Ill Cry if I want too ;). She was all dressed up and it was preparty naptime, I figured Id better get a picture before my little beauty messed up all my handywork.

Ah, snacktime, this is more like it, Good Party Food Mom

Me and My Birthday Girl

Why are you all staring at me and singing real loud for you crazy people!!

Lemme Try this stuff out.

Ohhhh, I think it might be good

Oh my gosh, I think Im in HEAVEN

Yumyum Good....

This is the life, me and a whole piece-a-cake.

Yah Presents!!!!!!!

This was by far Lex's favorite gift!!! Im so glad I got her this MP3 player!!

Gram brought me Minnie Mouse Outfit from Disneyland :D

Swimming Time, Look at the bathing beauty with her PaPa

Check me Out People

And a picture of all my cuties together in the 4th fo July shirts Gram brought them.

Fun With Magazines

Create Fake Magazine Covers with your own picture at

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Breast Pads, NOT just for breasts

So today I was getting dressed to do my 4 miles on the treadmill. I put on stretchy shorts, exercise bra tank, and an exercise shirt to cover up the fact that my bra tank wont stay down over my 3 baby gut. Then I went on to my shoes, I have bloody raw heels where I once had blisters so I thought I better start with some band-aids, then on with the socks and shoes.....

So Im doing my thing, listenin to my new upbeat ipod exercise music, walking, sweating and them my bandaid come off my left heal dang it, Im dying, Im already bleeding I can tell. I scan the room. I see an old sock of Gage's on the dresser next to me and in an effort not to loose my momentum to much I straddle the treadmill, take off my shoe part way, stuff the sock in my sock and retie my shoe. Voila, all fixed, for two minutes, that is until the right bandaid comes off darn it. I scan the room again, no socks to be seen, darn it, what will I do, what will I do?..... I open my underware drawer, no idea why, Im NOT putting underware in my shoes. I bypass old bras that no longer fit my three baby boobs, I consider ripping up a pair of undies, and then I see a old breast pad, you know the washable cotton kind. I grab it, staddle the treamill again and shove it in, tie up shoe and hit the treadmill again. And wow, this is even better than the sock!!! Im gonna do this every day!!!!

So now I have a REAL reason for not getting rid of that huge bag of breast pads even though you never need them past the 6 month mark. Breast pads/ankle savers :D. I should patent them, I know I cant be the only one who gets raw heals every time they walk!

My new fav blog

Putting the Mental in environmental. I LOVE this blog. Im so peeing on my squash from now on. Forget the toilet and wasting water. Im just gonna go cop a squat on the zucchini ;).... Dont eat dinner at my house, LOL. Seriously though, I like this blog

Yah its hot here but.......

It may be hot but its profitable!!

$14 is all it cost and all I had to do was go 2 miles up to a park down the road in rural QC thanks to a coop

Of course this is all now unimpotant since my garden started producing useable produce, but still, Im glad the resource is there

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

So This is Disneyland

So this is Disneyland Says Lex, I kinda like it here mom!! And this chipmunk guy, he is too cute

I think Ana kinda likes him too :D

And lets not forget Gage

Lex and her PaPa sitting in front of Boo's door

Watch out for Pirates Matey

So the pirates lair over at the old Tom Sawyers Island is really neat, its a shame we all got rained out over there that day, I would have loved to explore more than we were able. We will have to hit it on a better day next time. The kids loves roaming around.

Mini Mouse is one of Gage's favorites, last time we went he was so bashful with her, this time not as much but he sure liked her alot :D.

Kiddos and a Cup and Saucer

We just love having my parents along, the kids enjoy it, we get to do alot of easy rider swaping so everyone gets fun and time with the baby without feeling left out at all. Plus Ana got to do nearly every ride 2 times in a row.

Kids have an amazing ammounts of energy, even after being in the park nearly all day this day, they still ran around in tarzans tree house and climbed the ropes

The O's have it