Monday, February 23, 2009

3rd Grader teeth

Don't you just love it when those new big teeth come in a and dont yet fit the size of their mouth :D, goofy and endearing :), Love her smile

Friday, February 20, 2009

Shopaholic Checking in again

so YES I have shopping issues. I LOVE LOVE LOVE shopping. This past week I bought myself a birthday gift or 7. The Cricut expression, which came with two cartridges, plus 5 more cartridges and the Cricut design studio and jukebox. What you say, I must have spent a fortune? Yah well, Im turning 35, its a big birthday, so I bought a big birthday gift :D, now to learn to scrapbook...

*plantin schoolbook
*walk in my garden
*paper doll dress up
*new arrival
*accent essentials

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Children's Museum

We had Soooo much fun today. The kids were well behaved, the day was fun filled, we got out of the house together on a non-school day, and the location- you can't beat it...

The Phoenix Children's Museum housed in the old Monroe School building.

Great reason to save CD's and DVD's, ART

First there was the sea of noodles which the kids LOVED, despite the fact that they got lost and bombarded with kid bodies in there, after the first trip though I refused to take Lex back in, though she love it, me not so much...

Next was art time, which Ana loved the most, though Lex, had I let her express herself fully, and by fully I mean-if I had let her paint all over herself rather than the paintable house, she would have had the MOST fun !!!

Then the goofballs all ate lunch :D and made funny faces, a lady commented that my children were so cute and well behaved :D, love it when that happens-yay props for mom for doing a good job, though I told her they were surely fooling here and were all actually really crazy monkeys

Next was ice cream time, Ana served

Then I sent the kids to class to learn window washing :D

and of course Ana goofed off :D

After that we tried some nice arty pictures on the steps out front but as you can see that went from bad to worse pretty quickly :D

Next up, grocery shopping

and pizza making!!

This last one is a close-up of a silverware sculpture that hangs from the ceiling in the pizza room

of course after eating pizza, toothbrushing is a must, or at least painting with toothbrushes, and Lex, she is coloring a rotten tooth since she refuses to brush these days

And the last I have to share tunnel time, if ever there is a picture of Gage that shows how sweet and cuddly he is, the last one of this bunch is it :)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My girl

Yep, thats my girl. Last night she got up on stage for the 3rd grade music program. It was an All-American theme. She was picked for a solo speaking part, she did spectacular :). Last year, she was stiff and obviously nervous on stage even though she was in a large group. This year she couldn't wait to do her solo part in front of everyone, I found myself wondering if it was because she had a dance recital in front a huge auditorium of people last December, I wonder if it helped her get over her reserve on stage.

I loved watching her, and YAY she actually let me do her hair, she NEVER lets me do her hair.

Lets see if I can add the short video I have of her, though its not very good quality...

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

super Cute Hat giveaway

Go, drool, leave a comment, win a super cute hat and then give it to me, out of thanks for the info, so I can put it on my ornery little premadonna :D

Monday, February 2, 2009

It was a weekend of excess

It was wild, it was fun, it was alcohol laden. There was to much food to choose from on the buffets, to much to drink with the open bars, and to much extra curricular activity ;) (ouchie), but not to much fun;). Everyone was there to have a good time, and it showed ;). I brought the perfect dress and showed up with the perfect attitude ;)

Here are just a few of the 453 pictures I took in 3 1/2 days!!

We arrived in the evening to a beautiful resort and a buffet dinner of beef tenderloin that was quite possibly the best Ive ever had, paired with delectable rice and wild mushroom ravioli, long stem steamed broccoli, and a mix of squash and zucchini. There were mini artisan cheese cakes and long stem chocolate covered strawberries for desert.

We spent the latter part of that first night, sipping drinks and sitting in the outdoor fire nook, it was cozy and warm and we had it all to ourselves...

After we kicked off the next day, which was full of boring meetings, I headed to the spa to get my hair done, it took and hour to get the entire updo on top of my head, I have ALOT of hair. I sure wish I would have had dh take a pic of all that work!!

Outside the entrance to the spa/salon was a koi pond, and inside was just beautiful and peaceful...

We had a marvelous cocktail hour in this beautiful courtyard at sunset

We had a many course meal, to many courses for me to recall all of them but they included- wine, soup, salad, main course, desert, coffee, and others.... There was s comedy show, hilarious awards that they call meatball awards which consist of a golden meatball on a golden fork- I informed dh he MUST win one someday-too funny not to have, and we roamed the resort talking and visiting with some of the over 500 company people there until 2 in the morning. Later I took something like 82 hair pins out of my hair...

TBC, kiddos are anxious to play with mom :)

Ok back to it

The next day I slept until 2:30

I was supposed to go bowling, but instead I slept and slept and slept, I only ate dinner with dh and took the group picture that was full of so many people that they had to take it from a lift, and then we skipped out on the evenings festivities which included "surfing", crab racing, and pineapple tossing- and we want back to bed :D because staying up till till 2 AM the night before kicks your butt, especially when you drink wine, and crown and coke, and more wine and more and on and on...

Saturday though, we got up early, ate breakfast and headed out for the day...

it was a tad chilly and breezy in the morning so I actually got to wear my new trench, YAY it wont go to waste!!

I just loved this fountain/reflecting pool

We headed to the beach where we saw a bird eating "something" red looking...

couldn't tell what it was so we had to get a closer look, dont look if your easily grossed out, its really gross

Yep, that a chicken HEAD your looking it, just the head though, no body in sight, blech, dh pointed out though that at least we didnt come upon a bag of head-LOL-men.

We spent the day walking the beach, the pier, PCH, and Main street. We walked 6 miles total, me in a 4 inch wedge flip flops, what was I thinking??!! I have bruises the shape of strap marks on my feet as a souvenir too.

We people watched from the pier, and we were amazed at all the bobbing surfers just waiting for a wave...

We bar hopped from 11 AM to about 9. We hit Sharkeez for shrimp tacos and pitchers of bloody Mary's first, GREAT TACOS and they just give you a pticher of vodka and then you hit the bloody mary bar and mix in what ever you want. We added peppers, asparagus, olive, celery, and some mix of course :D.

Then we did some walking-people watching-and knick-knack shopping for the kiddos for a while after that. We hit a bar for another drink of alcohol or water for pace ;) every time we needed a bathroom- cause lets face it, public bathrooms are few and far between on main street in HB. Later after walking back to the hotel to drop off the camera and knick-knacks we walked back again and we stumbled onto Crabby's for fun with some REALLY loud-mouthed local tattooed guys-they were hilarious and entertaining, it turns out we were there on people watching day in which locals heckle everyone who walks by but doesnt come in :D

and then we had the MOST AMAZING sushi roll called a crouching tiger at a sushi bar called TUNA TOWN-if EVER you go to Huntington beach and you like sushi, don't pass this place up- though I'm now ruined for cheap sushi- I don't think Ill ever taint my mouth with sushi from a second rate place again- I could have died happy after that roll, OMG it was heavenly. I haven't quit obsessing about it since we walked out of the place. Im now on the search for the perfect sushi bar here in AZ.

Here is the bar we sat at there, complete with a pic of the jelly fish tank

We picked up the camera again later to do some pics of sunset, we missed the bight orange ball actually slipping into the water, despite running half a mile-me in 4 inch wedge flip flops-to try to make it in time-laughing all the while, but we did get some amazing shots anyway, and even got someone to do one of us together...

It was a wonderfully fun day that ended with dinner at Duke's right off the water, where I had the best fish Ive ever eaten, Im telling yah it was a weekend of spectacular food, drinks, and fun :). Im sorry its over, I very much enjoyed having Bryan to myself for 3 1/2 days, and oh those sheets and the down pillows and comforter are going to be missed- if only I could have fit them in my suitcase ;), but at the same time I'm glad to be home with the kiddies. I missed them all so much, but couldn't wait to get the baby in my arms, for some reasons its harder to leave my baby for consecutive days than it is the older kids. I was sorry to have to shuttle oldest DD off to school this morning and not be able to spend the day with her and my son and baby girl. I look forward to next weekend and relaxing with them all.

Wish I had some pics of the night we all dressed up to share, but unfortunately we forgot to pic up our pics before we left, maybe they will make their way to us eventually...

Here are a last few from the day we left, we had a HUG plate of cheese fries at lunch :D, way to big to eat all of it....