Saturday, May 10, 2008

Bad Mommy....

So I must be a bad mommy, for mothers day, what I really want is to be left alone, totally and completley alone. Im exhausted, Im fed up, Im tired of being the mommy. The baby is ALWAYS either destroying or screaming because IM not letting her destroy. She wont nurse, she wont drink so basically all she does is eat and poop, barely even pees. She wont stop long enought do anything but cram food in so she can spit half of it out into her hands and smear it all over her hair, body, the table and what ever else she can reach.

My sweet little boy has decided to threaten and hit people, mainly his big sis, who is a big bully to him most of the time these days anyway. He tells me no, he screams at me, where this came from Ive no idea, he use to be my sweet perfect child.

Ana, well she is Ana, if you knew her no other explanation would be necessary. She has tried me since she was 3 days old non-stop. You'd think Id of been prepared for a second girl after her. But no, the baby, she is whiney and destructive.

Today at walmart I seriously considered running down the isle and ditching them in hopes someone else would take them home, or putting them in a cardboard box out front with a sign that said free puppies, please take one!!

Its a good thing I love them and that tomorrow is a different day or I might run away.


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Heidi said...

All mommies have those days where we'd like to curl up in the fetal position and shut the whole world out!

But tomorrow's another day- and you know they'll do something so darn cute you'll just have to laugh and throw your arms around them tightly and never let go!