Sunday, June 29, 2008

Its My Party and Ill Cry if I Want to

Its My Party and Ill Cry if I want too ;). She was all dressed up and it was preparty naptime, I figured Id better get a picture before my little beauty messed up all my handywork.

Ah, snacktime, this is more like it, Good Party Food Mom

Me and My Birthday Girl

Why are you all staring at me and singing real loud for you crazy people!!

Lemme Try this stuff out.

Ohhhh, I think it might be good

Oh my gosh, I think Im in HEAVEN

Yumyum Good....

This is the life, me and a whole piece-a-cake.

Yah Presents!!!!!!!

This was by far Lex's favorite gift!!! Im so glad I got her this MP3 player!!

Gram brought me Minnie Mouse Outfit from Disneyland :D

Swimming Time, Look at the bathing beauty with her PaPa

Check me Out People

And a picture of all my cuties together in the 4th fo July shirts Gram brought them.

Fun With Magazines

Create Fake Magazine Covers with your own picture at

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Breast Pads, NOT just for breasts

So today I was getting dressed to do my 4 miles on the treadmill. I put on stretchy shorts, exercise bra tank, and an exercise shirt to cover up the fact that my bra tank wont stay down over my 3 baby gut. Then I went on to my shoes, I have bloody raw heels where I once had blisters so I thought I better start with some band-aids, then on with the socks and shoes.....

So Im doing my thing, listenin to my new upbeat ipod exercise music, walking, sweating and them my bandaid come off my left heal dang it, Im dying, Im already bleeding I can tell. I scan the room. I see an old sock of Gage's on the dresser next to me and in an effort not to loose my momentum to much I straddle the treadmill, take off my shoe part way, stuff the sock in my sock and retie my shoe. Voila, all fixed, for two minutes, that is until the right bandaid comes off darn it. I scan the room again, no socks to be seen, darn it, what will I do, what will I do?..... I open my underware drawer, no idea why, Im NOT putting underware in my shoes. I bypass old bras that no longer fit my three baby boobs, I consider ripping up a pair of undies, and then I see a old breast pad, you know the washable cotton kind. I grab it, staddle the treamill again and shove it in, tie up shoe and hit the treadmill again. And wow, this is even better than the sock!!! Im gonna do this every day!!!!

So now I have a REAL reason for not getting rid of that huge bag of breast pads even though you never need them past the 6 month mark. Breast pads/ankle savers :D. I should patent them, I know I cant be the only one who gets raw heals every time they walk!

My new fav blog

Putting the Mental in environmental. I LOVE this blog. Im so peeing on my squash from now on. Forget the toilet and wasting water. Im just gonna go cop a squat on the zucchini ;).... Dont eat dinner at my house, LOL. Seriously though, I like this blog

Yah its hot here but.......

It may be hot but its profitable!!

$14 is all it cost and all I had to do was go 2 miles up to a park down the road in rural QC thanks to a coop

Of course this is all now unimpotant since my garden started producing useable produce, but still, Im glad the resource is there

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

So This is Disneyland

So this is Disneyland Says Lex, I kinda like it here mom!! And this chipmunk guy, he is too cute

I think Ana kinda likes him too :D

And lets not forget Gage

Lex and her PaPa sitting in front of Boo's door

Watch out for Pirates Matey

So the pirates lair over at the old Tom Sawyers Island is really neat, its a shame we all got rained out over there that day, I would have loved to explore more than we were able. We will have to hit it on a better day next time. The kids loves roaming around.

Mini Mouse is one of Gage's favorites, last time we went he was so bashful with her, this time not as much but he sure liked her alot :D.

Kiddos and a Cup and Saucer

We just love having my parents along, the kids enjoy it, we get to do alot of easy rider swaping so everyone gets fun and time with the baby without feeling left out at all. Plus Ana got to do nearly every ride 2 times in a row.

Kids have an amazing ammounts of energy, even after being in the park nearly all day this day, they still ran around in tarzans tree house and climbed the ropes

The O's have it

And so now were home

Well ok we have actually been home for almost two weeks now but Ive been to buy to share our pictures and video. The first day home was exhausting, and the kids thougt it was pile on mom time :D

And of course there was lots of shopping, this is my new matching Tink tote and wallet, I LOVE this bag Im so glad I bought it!! I kept eyeing up the cherry bag that had mickey's head made of cherries, Im so glad I held out till later when I found this set!!

My super HUGE new coffee cup, its a tradition Ive started, get a new cup each year on our trip to Dland!!

And of course the kids all got hats :D