Wednesday, March 4, 2009


So, have I ever told yah how much my kid LOVES broccoli, ADORES broccoli, INHALES broccoli, would marry it if she could?

Well lemme just say, my kid she loves broccoli...

Oh yah, you know what I like

Im a happy camper!!

Shove it in, shove it in, kinda like, plug it in plug it in ;)

Neener Neener, I ate it all, and boy did she, she ate 3 full bowls of the stuff!!


~teachmom~ said...

Bet her "stinkies" were lovely! :)
She's like Maegan---that girl can eat some brocolli---it's always something she asks for when we go out instead of fries or whatever. She likes her steamed more than raw though. :)

NeaCakes said...

She's super cute. Yay for broccoli!

Polly Wolly said...

I have a broccoli-lovin girl, too! :)