Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Matching Cupcake Purses for my girls


I am so excited, I just purchased my girls matching cupcake purses!! Aren't they too cute!! I can't wait to give them to them on Christmas morning.

And Lex, is getting this super cute doll purse/basket/bed, I so love cute unique things!! I dont even think the doll is that cute but the basket/bed is what did me in!!


Polly Wolly said...

Cute cupcake purse(s). And just HOW adorable is the doll purse/basket! I absolutely love that. Not that there is a need for that around here...but...where'd you get it? ;)

TheGirlYou'llNeverKnow said...

I know isnt it too cute!!! She is called Penelope Pea Pod, you can find her lots of places, just google her ;). Im not even sure Lex is old enough for it and I already had her a doll for Christmas but when I saw this one, OMGosh I had to get it too. If she doesn't like it Ill just keep it for me ;), teehee. Funny I wanst a doll girl as a kid but I sure am now ;). I didn't use to want kids either :D, but then Ana came along and well, I just wanted more after that.

~teachmom~ said...

HOW CUTE!!!! I will have to go look at those! My girls would love those as well!

We love dolls here, too! :) The girls have them all over the place though, so not much chance in me buying anymore. Well, maybe American Girl but not a baby doll.

Polly Wolly said...

Oh, great..guess what? DD just told me that she wants Samantha (the American Girl doll that is going to be retired this year). She got Nellie (her only A.G. doll) a couple of years ago at Christmas...and, well, she says "they go together, Mom". I so do not have a "doll girl"...more of a stuffed animal girl. *sigh* I cannot see getting another A.G. w/the $
Sorry to take over your comments section! (p.s. thanks for the name of Penelope Pea Pod).