Saturday, June 20, 2009

Drive In

Last night we went to the drive in with the kiddos, it was so wonderfully cool outside that we got a bit chilly by the end of the night, not something you can usually say the end of June in the Valley of the Sun. Usually its so hot, even at night, that you don't want to leave the house, much less spend 4 hours at the drive in.

We watched Night at the Museum and it left a lot to be desired if you ask me, and the second feature was not for kids, X-men, but they slept through it anyhow. It was fun just to go out together and is probably our last day/night of cool weather the rest of the season...

the cheese master, who had already enjoyed to much soda and candy, in case you can't see it all over her shirt.

people hitting the snack bar

and this is what happens when you take pictures in the dark and don't hold still ;)

and here is a picture of the sunset on the way to the drive in

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~teachmom~ said...

Lexi is so darn CUTE! I bet it's hard to get mad at her with her shenanigans!?
Night At The Museum was cute; not as good as the first, no, and I noticed it took longer to move along (which doesn't do well for Elora), but it had it's funny moments. :)
Haven't seen Wolverine yet.

Love those family moments though...NOTHING can beat THAT! :) :D