Sunday, June 29, 2008

Its My Party and Ill Cry if I Want to

Its My Party and Ill Cry if I want too ;). She was all dressed up and it was preparty naptime, I figured Id better get a picture before my little beauty messed up all my handywork.

Ah, snacktime, this is more like it, Good Party Food Mom

Me and My Birthday Girl

Why are you all staring at me and singing real loud for you crazy people!!

Lemme Try this stuff out.

Ohhhh, I think it might be good

Oh my gosh, I think Im in HEAVEN

Yumyum Good....

This is the life, me and a whole piece-a-cake.

Yah Presents!!!!!!!

This was by far Lex's favorite gift!!! Im so glad I got her this MP3 player!!

Gram brought me Minnie Mouse Outfit from Disneyland :D

Swimming Time, Look at the bathing beauty with her PaPa

Check me Out People

And a picture of all my cuties together in the 4th fo July shirts Gram brought them.

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Polly Wolly said...

She is sooooo adorable! Happy Birthday, big girl! :)