Wednesday, June 4, 2008

And so now were home

Well ok we have actually been home for almost two weeks now but Ive been to buy to share our pictures and video. The first day home was exhausting, and the kids thougt it was pile on mom time :D

And of course there was lots of shopping, this is my new matching Tink tote and wallet, I LOVE this bag Im so glad I bought it!! I kept eyeing up the cherry bag that had mickey's head made of cherries, Im so glad I held out till later when I found this set!!

My super HUGE new coffee cup, its a tradition Ive started, get a new cup each year on our trip to Dland!!

And of course the kids all got hats :D

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teachmom said...

Great pictures, Cyndee! :) Looks like you all had tons of fun! We look forward to January and getting our season passes again. We all miss going like we were so about addiction! :)