Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Watch out for Pirates Matey

So the pirates lair over at the old Tom Sawyers Island is really neat, its a shame we all got rained out over there that day, I would have loved to explore more than we were able. We will have to hit it on a better day next time. The kids loves roaming around.

Mini Mouse is one of Gage's favorites, last time we went he was so bashful with her, this time not as much but he sure liked her alot :D.

Kiddos and a Cup and Saucer

We just love having my parents along, the kids enjoy it, we get to do alot of easy rider swaping so everyone gets fun and time with the baby without feeling left out at all. Plus Ana got to do nearly every ride 2 times in a row.

Kids have an amazing ammounts of energy, even after being in the park nearly all day this day, they still ran around in tarzans tree house and climbed the ropes

The O's have it

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Heidi said...

Looks like you had fun!!!!