Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Children's Museum

We had Soooo much fun today. The kids were well behaved, the day was fun filled, we got out of the house together on a non-school day, and the location- you can't beat it...

The Phoenix Children's Museum housed in the old Monroe School building.

Great reason to save CD's and DVD's, ART

First there was the sea of noodles which the kids LOVED, despite the fact that they got lost and bombarded with kid bodies in there, after the first trip though I refused to take Lex back in, though she love it, me not so much...

Next was art time, which Ana loved the most, though Lex, had I let her express herself fully, and by fully I mean-if I had let her paint all over herself rather than the paintable house, she would have had the MOST fun !!!

Then the goofballs all ate lunch :D and made funny faces, a lady commented that my children were so cute and well behaved :D, love it when that happens-yay props for mom for doing a good job, though I told her they were surely fooling here and were all actually really crazy monkeys

Next was ice cream time, Ana served

Then I sent the kids to class to learn window washing :D

and of course Ana goofed off :D

After that we tried some nice arty pictures on the steps out front but as you can see that went from bad to worse pretty quickly :D

Next up, grocery shopping

and pizza making!!

This last one is a close-up of a silverware sculpture that hangs from the ceiling in the pizza room

of course after eating pizza, toothbrushing is a must, or at least painting with toothbrushes, and Lex, she is coloring a rotten tooth since she refuses to brush these days

And the last I have to share tunnel time, if ever there is a picture of Gage that shows how sweet and cuddly he is, the last one of this bunch is it :)

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