Friday, February 20, 2009

Shopaholic Checking in again

so YES I have shopping issues. I LOVE LOVE LOVE shopping. This past week I bought myself a birthday gift or 7. The Cricut expression, which came with two cartridges, plus 5 more cartridges and the Cricut design studio and jukebox. What you say, I must have spent a fortune? Yah well, Im turning 35, its a big birthday, so I bought a big birthday gift :D, now to learn to scrapbook...

*plantin schoolbook
*walk in my garden
*paper doll dress up
*new arrival
*accent essentials


Heidi said...

You're just stimulating the economy- it's needed... saving the world and all, right??

I, too am a shopaholic at heart- till DH cracked down and took my CC away... darn budget- can't buy all the books and kids clothes I want...

oh well, more time for internet browsing and less laundry to do I suppose ;o)

TheGirlYou'llNeverKnow said...

:), good point Heidi :D, the economy needs it.