Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My girl

Yep, thats my girl. Last night she got up on stage for the 3rd grade music program. It was an All-American theme. She was picked for a solo speaking part, she did spectacular :). Last year, she was stiff and obviously nervous on stage even though she was in a large group. This year she couldn't wait to do her solo part in front of everyone, I found myself wondering if it was because she had a dance recital in front a huge auditorium of people last December, I wonder if it helped her get over her reserve on stage.

I loved watching her, and YAY she actually let me do her hair, she NEVER lets me do her hair.

Lets see if I can add the short video I have of her, though its not very good quality...


Polly Wolly said...

Thumbs up, Ana! :D

Lisa and Jamie said...

Yay Ana! You did good girl :)