Monday, April 6, 2009

Copic Marker's

I LOVE my copic ciao's, they are far and above any marker Ive ever used, not that Im experienced, but to say Im thrilled with my purchase is an understatement. Thanks Stacy and Donna ;), though I don't think my husband shares my enthusiasm what with me being sequestered in my crafting nook far more often these days between my crafts, my copics, and my schoolwork (which is suffering to a degree also thanks to the copics, and the bazillion dollars in stamps Ive recently purchased).

Anyhow.... I just found a giveaway while I was googling and drooling over all the copic stamp creations I came upon, and I had to pass it along, Im entering for sure, who wouldn't want $300 in markers for free!! Thats some great blog candy there!! And I earned myself an extra entry by downloading and using these stamps.

Copic Marker Blog Candy

Here is my entry, which ultimately would have a second stamp that said S is for spring under the S, does anyone know where I might get such a stamp?

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