Tuesday, April 28, 2009

More Kiddos and cards

Gage during his preschool show, playing, you guessed it, little jack horner ;)

Lex has a cookie at the preschool show.

Lex plain outside at near sunset, oh how I wish she was more in focus, if she was it would be a perfect picture!!

My kids, drowned and squash beetle bugs, what sweet kids :)

And lastly, two cards, one I made my little guy's preschool teacher, she often wears colors that match this card, and so I was inspired by her clothing choices to make this card for her

The baby card has no home as of yet, its just a card I was playing around with and I liked the way the "messy" chalking came out...


Stacy said...

cute cards!! your kids are adorable!

Bumbabum said...

You are so talented! You have such adorable little ones too. I make cards just have not done it in so long. LOL Thanks for the inpiration

TheGirlYou'llNeverKnow said...

thanks :), always glad to inspire!! I get my inspiration online most of the time too