Thursday, April 9, 2009

Cupcake Gril

So I went to bed at a normal hour last night, and thus didn't have time to make a card, but I had to, I had two sickies yesterday who seem to be mostly better today, its a short lived tummy things I guess, but sick kids are exhausting and then there was bunko to play too :D...

But this morning my craft corner was calling me once again and so I carved out a few minutes to whip this out while the baby was napping and my little-big guy was at preschool, and while watching the most recent LOST, love that show. ANyhOw, this is what I came up with, the name of the stamp, which is made by Stamping Bella, is called "is that a cupcake on your head"!! Im just awaiting my sentiment stamps, in particular the one that says "its a cupcake thing" to finish this one off, should arrive next week!!

And as a bonus, here is one I made yesterday afternoon that I just can't seem to get a decent picture of. You see the card is a beautiful lavender color but no matter where I photograph it, it look an ugly shade of pinkishpurple that looks like it doesn't match the girls dress. However, I think its a cute design despite my photographic ineptitude, so Im sharing it... The stamp, which is actually NOT a stamp is a gingersnap digital download.

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