Monday, March 31, 2008

A copy and paste from my igoogle spot

So Ive started playing around with the widget I made for my igoogle personalized page and thought Id post one of my thoughts from over there lest I loose it playing around.

The soapbox: Men can be such children, sometimes they just cant do anything for themselves. For instance, just yesterday my dh needs carmex, I tell him three times its on my keys in the diaper bag. But like a helpless child he waits until he can ask him mommy for some when we get to her house, UGH. Little sis and mommy cater to him after he says his lips are bleeding profusely cause I wont get him any :rolleyes:, it drives me batty, its like hes 2 not 34. Not to mention that after getting three kids and myself ready to go to HIS mothers house while he sat his lazy butt on the couch sleeping and watching tv makes me even less likely to do anything for him. MEN, sometimes they are so useless.

ON the positive side of things though, he doesn't do this all of the time, its just ocassionally, although it has been often this past week and Im sure that is where my irritation is coming from, and I supposed that if this is my biggest gripe about dh, were pretty well off ;). After all there are women out there who put up with drug addicts and men who beat them and cheaters too. Ill count myself lucky to have the man I do, a man who likes working to take care of his family, likes it that Im a SAHM but supports me too if I decided to go back to school and work, a man who on occasion cooks, clean and does laundry too and who finds himself wildly attracted to me no matter if Im pregnant with his children, super thin or carrying the weight left from three pregnancies. All in all, Im a lucky woman ;) with a wonderful life.

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