Wednesday, March 26, 2008

So very disturbed

So if you have never seen the movie Trainspotting, DONT. It will haunt you forever if your like me. I had heard of this movie before, heard it was quite someting to watch. I figured it was just really bad druggy behavoir. I wish it had not been on cable while I couldn't sleep two nights ago (and by not sleep I dont mean insomnia, I mean cant sleep cause Lexie wanted to stay up till like 10:30 PM, its becoming pretty common unfortunatly). I had no clue what I was in for. I knew it was about scottish heroine addicts but I didnt expect the dead-neglected-baby scene that was beyond any horrid scene I could ever dream up. That image will forever be burned in my brain and I wish I could get it out. It is awful beyond belief. I could never even describe the feelings this one scene has provked in me. I couldn't watch anymore after that so I never finished the movie, nor will I. I am sickened and will be forever haunted by this movie scene.....

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