Monday, March 31, 2008


So how did I go so long during my quest for a healthier me without knowing about edamame? I met up a with a couple girlfriends of mine this weekend and over a some prickely pear margaritas we talked about all kinds of girly things :D, sex lives, the messed up children we keep our kids away from at school and the horrible parents they must have, our evening walks together, an awesome produce supply coop in our area where you get about $60 worth of produce for $16, the cult called mormonism were subjected to daily round here and lots of other things ;). One of those things was edamame. This stuff is awesome, its easy to prepare, cheap and great for you!!

Here's what you'll find in a half-cup serving of shelled edamame (or 1 1/8 cup edamame in the pods):

120 calories
9 grams fiber
2.5 grams fat
1.5 grams polyunsaturated fat (0.3 grams plant omega-3 fatty acids)
0.5 gram monounsaturated fat
11 grams protein
13 grams carbohydrate
15 mg sodium
10% of the Daily Value for vitamin C
10% Daily Value for iron
8% Daily Value for vitamin A
4% Daily Value for calcium

Only down side for me is its soy, and as my fellow hypothyroid sufferers will know, soy in large ammounts is said to be a no-no due to the isoflavones effects on the thyroid gland. But wow, I LOVE this stuff and its so rare to find so much protien and fiber in such small quantities of food that are also low in calories.

DD LOVED these and that in itself is such a blessing, she has proclaimed herself a near vegetarian, she truely hates meat for the most part. So glad to have another option for her :D. She enjoyed them so much she begged for more ;) what a great thing to say about a veggie!!!!


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Thanks this was yummy. DD doesn't care much for meats either, and she really enjoyed this.

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