Monday, April 14, 2008

98 degrees, EEK!!!, DH is Dead-Meat and Nim's Island

That is our projected high for today, Im so cleaning the pool and going to costco to get Lexie a floaty boat, I hope they have those floaty boats for babies this year!! I am not ready for 98 degrees, but I know its really time, today at 7:30 I walked dd to school and I was wearing shorts and a spaghetti strap tank top and I was good and warm cause it was already over 70.

So I was playing guitar hero last night with the kids and I turn around and dh is video taping me, I am so embaressed, I really get into it when I play :D. I must come up with an evil plan to get back at him :D. Im open for suggestions....

So we saw Nim's Island Sunday with the kiddos. What a great movie, so family friendly and so imaginative. Im glad we chose it. DD was sure she wouldn't like it, but only cause she wanted to see Horton Hear a Who more. She was happily surprised to love what we watched ;).

We are all excited for Speed Racer and Journey to the Center of the Earth too. Gage is always running around doing the speed racer sound, and is dying for the helmet they have at Target, I wonder if he will still like it by Christmas, I was thinking of getting it and putting it back till then. That and the Wii game, it comes out next month.


teachmom said...

It was a great movie, wasn't it? My dd's and I all enjoyed it a lot, and yes those movies all look great--we look forward to cooling off in the theater this summer!
It's warm here, too...maybe not that warm, that early, and we have a cool breeze going for us (for now), but I am thinking since we had such a mild summer last year, this year will surely make up for it. The girls are eager to get the pool out again now.
Umm....what's a weak moment for your dh? Catch him in the act! ;)
Have fun swimming!

Heidi said...

Bring on summer! We had a mini heat wave here this weekend, too- but DH tossed our pool- too much work he said- hoping the market dumps some mor ehere and we can buy a house w/ a pool!

And I confiscated video of myself playing karaoke on Boogie.... yeah, not the best shot of me LOL

Cool As Ice said...
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Cool As Ice said...
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Cool As Ice said...
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