Sunday, April 13, 2008

Eating, Hazardous to your health

Im a research fanatic, I LOVE to read, learn, research. And what good is learning about something if you dont use it to better things right? So this morning while I had a bit of quiet time I was researchign neurotoxins. A topic that has been on my mind as of late. Just yesterday dh and I were eating chinese and discussing soy sauce as a neurtoxin due to msg that is processed into it. I came across an informative article and am just newley digusted at how many foods you cant even enjoy without ingesting some fairly common neurotoxins.

I mean milk and cheese and cottage cheese for gods sake. I can do no milk now, Ive gotten use to it for Lexie's sake but I LOVE cheese and cottage cheese. And the most sickening of all, the fact that baby formula has msg in it. Isnt that lovely, I knew this of course but it bothers me still, each time I read about it.

And another fun tidbit, crop sprays that contain glutamic acid, which is pretty much msg (and yes I realize that glutamic acid is an amino acid that is one of the necessary things for building proteins but when you have to much and in odd forms that its processed into it becomes toxic) are in use around the US, so basically you cant even eat fresh veggies from the grocery store without getting msg in your diet. Disgusting, totally disgusting. Just do a google search for msg crop spray.

The more I read about foods, diet and the bad things in them, the more I think I have found my calling in dietetics :). I am pleased with that, seems the third time is the charm. From computer networking, to english lit, to dietetics :D. I think to Ill specialize in children's dietary needs, it will more closley match my ultimate goal of becoming a lactation consultant. Ill have a pediatric sort of dietetic practice :D


teachmom said...

Sounds like you've found your calling, Cyndee! Best wishes! :)
Btw, I changed my major, too, thrice. ;)

Cool As Ice said...

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on your decision. I've learned a lot in the past year about nutrition, by just doing independent reading...and sometimes I find it difficult to even want to eat...anything with a barcode on it! LOL And just when you think your grocery store produce is, well, ok. ;) I'm looking into getting some grass fed beef from the Menonites whose store we frequent.