Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Children of Men

So, they are talking TV series for this movie. I LoVEd the movie in the sense that it was VERY thought provoking in all that it did not say, all that it left to the imagination, all that it didn't have time to address. Such as WHy weren't the people of the world able to conceive and birth children anymore? Why did main man and sort of main woman lose their baby (forgive me for forgetting their names, its been several months since I saw it and being a nursing mom, well, I can only remember from hour to hour ;), it sucks your brain dry you know ;). Where did they, main man and birthing woman go later, after the child came. How is this like when Jesus was born as various people have sited other than maybe it gave people hope? How extensive is the network of helpers and how corrupt is it? Is pots smoking helper man dead, even though we probably think he is, and whats up with his wife anyway?

This was a great movie with so many thought provoking starts of story lines, it was a sort of smorgasbord of possible literary discussions, unless you name is Anjelica and you dont like that drawn out stuff, but hey whatever ;), you might be busy learning to be a nurse or some other important shit.

But seriously, I could get alot from a tv show about this and Id love to see it play out. Though Im concered the tv people wont be up for all the violence involved. And like Journeyman, Im concerned it will go the way of all cult favs, canceled prematurely.

If you not hip to this great movie, you can be by following this link, well worth the trip, I can assure you ;), plus you can see some of the answers to the questions Ive already posed if you not to lazy to read....



Anonymous said...

We saw this about 3 weeks ago. Theo and Kee are there names (I got it from the article; I forgot too ;) )
1.Where did they, main man and birthing woman go later, after the child came? They put themselves in the camp to catch a ship (cause it was close to the water) for that Human Project group (I believe it was a support/research group for life).
2.How is this like when Jesus was born? King Herod was frightened that a baby boy was born or to be born who would become King of the Jews, or the Messiah. This prophesy is that of Jesus.He didn't know the when's but he knew the where. He knew it would be Bethlehem and he sent the Magi out in search of the Star [of Bethlehem] to find the boy and send word so he could "pay homage" to him. Herod meant harm; that child was to him a rival, so He was in danger. So even before Jesus was born, he was in danger. As is this child from the human rights group that "supposably" wanted to help Kee and her child. Hope that makes sense to you.
3. I saw that Michael Cains' character was killed and that he went out "in style[his last words being to 'pull my finger.'" ;) I think his wife was a result of either the disease that was rampant that helped cause the infertility problem and/or she lost a child herself. She seems stricken with grief as well as handicapped. I don't believe there was any explaination for her condition, so that's just a couple of theories thrown out there. ;)
Though it was quite dark and we obviously watched it whilst children were not present, dh and I did enjoy the movie. Well, I should be more specific. I hated the beginning. It was for me really hard to follow at first, so I picked up a book to read while dh watched, and just listened in here and there. I started getting into it when they were bombarded with the terrorist group (when Julian was killed). It was thought-provoking.
Cyndee, I think a lot of movies can be seen in a good light when it's doable. I don't think there's anything wrong with comparing movies with that of the Christian faith, even when the stories really didn't mean for that to happen (and I am sure sometimes that can aggrivate the author and some viewers). I do think sometimes there's a stretch though and sometimes peeps need to be honest with themselves and others and admit that. ;) I honestly didn't see this comparison when I saw it, but I *can* see how there could be one, now that I have read (most) of this article. One just needs to be careful about doing that. :) [I will read the rest after posting this! ;)]
I think it would be interesting to see a movie like this put into a t.v. storyboard, but like you, am worried it could be good like Journeyman or Jericho and then be cancelled. That sucks. I hate when that happens! I don't think it could be anymore violent than Heroes is/was (is IT coming back!?) But, who knows?
I guess I don't have important *insert s&*!* to do right now. ;) The kids are done with their day and I just started a load of laundry. I guess I will have to go find some more to do, lol. ;) :p

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wanted to add this link (not sure if you read this one) but dh will be excited about it because his fav. show right now is BattleStar Galactica. ;)

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