Thursday, April 10, 2008

Princess Destructo

Thats the nickname Miss LeX has earned herself. We all call her that, but in particular her brother does, one can hardly blame him though, she can eat light sabers and legos pretty fast. She is like some crazy tornado doing the army crawl. A mini whirlwind on hand and knees, an Arizona dust devil picking up and tossing around everything in her path. She can destry a room in less than a minute and she cant even walk yet!! She went from barely able to sit herself upright unassisted-to crawling-to standing and now-to cruising in less than 2 weeks. Im sure walking is very shortly to follow.

Yesterday I found a screw hole cover/plug in her mouth, I cant even dig these things out on purpose because they are flush with the door, HOW she got it out Ill never know. I find her in the pantry chewing onions and potatoes if I turn around for two seconds when Ive been in there. I cant leave anything in her playpen cause she trys to climb out already by piling things up, at 9 MONTHS OLD. And now to top it all off, she is a biter. Ive never had a biter before, I mean yah I had to teach Gage not to bite while nursing, Ana too, but Lexie bites any appendages she can get in her mouth and somehow that includes shoulders, OUCH!!


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